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Cash for gold in Maubeuge city. Scrap gold prices France. With Gold Nord you benefit from the best redemption prices during the day. You can also estimate (via our calculator) and sell your gold online with our Gold Nord kit, in a secure and fast way. There is no obligation to send your gold. We buy back all kinds of gold, silver and platinum objects and jewels such as: rings, signet rings, bracelets, curb chains, necklaces, earrings, brooches, medals, pendants, cufflinks, tie clips, coins gold and silver, scrap gold, dental gold, gold watches, gold ingots and ingots of 5 gr to 1 kg. After weighing and checking the quality (number of karats) of your gold jewelry and items, immediately obtain the net repurchase price at the day's market price charged by Gold Nord. Depending on the price of gold and the weight of your jewelry, we determine an exchange value in accordance with current legislation. You are then free to sell or keep your gold. The Gold Nord company welcomes you to Aurillac, Beauvais, Chaumont, Dreux, Dourdan, Compiègne and Maubeuge for the sale and redemption of gold. We estimate your jewelery for free (even broken) in gold, platinum and silver (chains, bracelets, earrings, pendants, watches, dental gold but also ingots, ingots, coins (Napoleon, Louis etc...). With Gold Nord you benefit from the best buyback prices during the day.You can also estimate (using our calculator) and sell your gold online with our Gold Nord kit, in a secure and fast way. The international price of gold is set by the market: by the relationship between demand and supply of the day for the different uses of gold (jewellery, industrial applications, etc.). London Gold Fixing fixes the international price twice a day. In France, the quotation of the company CPOR Devises, which determines the price of ingots and ingots every day at 1 p.m., is a reference. Gold can be yellow, white, pink, red...it's all about composition. Pure gold (999 thousandths) is mixed with silver or copper. These metals, depending on their quantity, tint the gold but do not affect the final value. You should know that 24k gold or fine gold is not used in jewelry because of its malleability. The guarantee hallmark officially identifies the type of metal and its title and is only mandatory for gold jewelry of 3g and more. So the absence of a hallmark does not mean that your jewel is not gold. In France, the eagle's head has only been compulsory since 1919, when it replaced the horse's head. A second hallmark, 'master' (a diamond with the symbol and initials of the professional) or 'responsibility' (oval with symbol and initials of the importer), must be affixed. On a jewel in several parts, a hallmark must appear on each of them. No punch, however, on the parts.
Scrap Gold prices
55.69 €/g price up
Or 24 carats 2023.05.15
44.25 €/g price up
Or 22 carats 2023.05.15
35.64 €/g price up
Or 18 carats 2023.05.15
28.01 €/g price up
Or 14 carats 2023.05.15
16.09 €/g price up
Or 9 carats 2023.05.15
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