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Cash for gold Warsaw city. We buy: Coins - gold and silver, Old jewelry, We buy diamonds and brilliants, Real estate, plots, Computers, tablets, cameras, Watches, Cars, bicycles, Power tools, construction equipment, RTV and household appliances, Decorations, medals, banknotes, Telephones, Old postcards, pre-war documents, Edged weapons, military. We provide services in the field of: Gold and silver jewelry repair, Custom products: rings, chains, wedding rings etc. Enlarging, reducing jewelry, Setting precious stones, We make individual projects, occasional items. Gold, one of the most valuable ores, which is often used to make jewelry, decorate and decorate utility items. Gold is also considered an investment element. There are many companies selling and buying this type of metal. The price of gold plays the leading role in both cases. We will make any design and pattern of wedding rings. Patterns can be made freely in yellow, white or pink gold with diamonds or other colored natural stones.
Scrap Gold prices
55.556 €/g no changes
złoto próby 999 (24kt) 2023.05.04
49.145 €/g no changes
złoto proby 900 2023.05.04
39.53 €/g no changes
złoto proby 750 (18kt) 2023.05.04
30.983 €/g no changes
złoto proby 585 (14kt) 2023.05.04
złoto proby 375 (9kt) 2023.05.04
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