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Scrap gold prices Lthuania. Cash for gold Kaunas city. Purchase of gold / Pawnshop in Kaunas. Purchase of 12 carats gold and others carats gold and silver scrap. The company 'Monodija' buys gold and silver scrap dearly. The price of gold is recalculated every day based on the prices of precious metals on the world market. When buying gold in larger quantities, the purchase price of gold is coordinated by a separate agreement. 'Monodija' can offer you all services related to jewelry. The company was founded in 1994. Work experience in this field for more than 20 years. Our chain of stores consists of three jewelry stores. The main activities are trade in jewelry, purchase and exchange of gold / silver for new products, pawnshop services. When selling precious metals, the seller must present a valid personal document. Pawnshop is a service where the customer leaves his jewelry as a deposit and takes a loan from our company. The value of the deposit is determined upon delivery. Interest is paid monthly. In Monodia pawnshops, additional percentages are not calculated for late payment, the customer must repay the loan and cover the interest for the past period, then the deposit is returned. If the interest payment is delayed for more than two months, the deposit can be realized and not returned to the customer, thus covering the resulting indebtedness. Only precious metal or other jewelry can be pledged as collateral. It is necessary to have an identity document. The price of the pawnshop service is 3% per week, 10% per month. For those looking for cheaper, we will offer bought, second-hand diamonds from the secondary market. To sell a diamond, send a photo of the diamond and the certificate to info@585.lt and we will contact you. The main factors that determine the price of a diamond are size, color, clarity and cut. Recently, there are many modified, synthetic, enhanced diamonds on the market, so we recommend that you buy diamonds only from trusted sellers. Quality certification of diamonds is performed only by the Lithuanian Assay Chamber. Before submitting your diamonds or jewelry with diamonds to the expert, you should wash them well in an ultrasonic bath, any jeweler can perform this service.
Scrap Gold prices
57 €/g price up
Investicinis auksas 999,9 prabos 2023.05.08
44 €/g price down
Auksas 900 (dantų karūnėlės) 2023.05.08
37.5 €/g price down
Auksas 750 prabos 2023.05.08
31.3 €/g price down
Auksas 583 / 585 prabos 2023.05.08
18.8 €/g price down
Auksas 375 prabos 2023.05.08
16.7 €/g price down
Auksas 333 prabos 2023.05.08
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