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Scrap gold price Ukraine. Cash for gold Kiev. Our company buys precious metals - gold, silver, platinum and palladium in any quantity, form and condition: jewelry, bank ingots, investment and antique coins, silverware, technical and jewelry scrap, platinum and palladium other laboratory glassware and products. The price of precious metals is not constant, it may decrease or increase. It is impossible to guess what the cost of the precious metal will be tomorrow. You can get acquainted with the prices for precious metals for today, having gone to the corresponding sections or to call back by phones specified in the page title and to receive preliminary consultation. We buy gold, silver, platinum, palladium for high price. No certificates or guarantors are required to sell jewelry or sell scrap jewelry. Persons who have reached the age of eighteen have the right to do so. We will buy a variety of gold products: investment and antique gold coins; stamped and cast bank ingots; jewelry of famous world brands - modern and antique; gold and gold-plated watches of the USSR, Ukraine, foreign; jewelry scrap - jewelry production waste, scraps, fragments of larger products; dental gold - crowns, bridges; technical products - gold wire, gold-containing radio parts: connectors, contacts, transistors, capacitors, relays, microcircuits. We will buy various silver products: sterling silver jewelry, modern and antique jewelry; investment and antique silver coins; cast and stamped bank ingots; silverware - sets and separate devices for serving the table; jewelry scrap - jewelry production waste, fragments of larger products, scraps; technical silver - silver wire, radio parts containing silver: connectors, transistors, diodes, microcircuits, ceramic capacitors, contact relays, fuses and resistors, etc.
Scrap Gold prices
Проба золота 375 2023.05.26
Проба золота 585 (14 карат) 2023.05.26
Проба золота 750 (18 карат) 2023.05.26
Проба золота 999,9 (банковские слитки) 2023.05.26
Проба золота 333 2023.05.26
Проба золота 583 2023.05.26
Проба золота 875 (21 карат) 2023.05.26
Стоматологи­ческое (коронки) 2023.05.26
Проба золота 900 2023.05.26
Проба золота 916, 917 2023.05.26
Проба золота 958 2023.05.26
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