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Scrap gold price UK / Cash for gold Wolverhampton. Do you have some unwanted gold lying around? Are you in need of a little extra cash? Well here at Sell Gold Online we are able to help you out. We understand that times can be tough, and that sometimes you need money that you don't have to hand. When you sell gold for cash with Sell Gold Online, you will soon find your money worries are all sorted. With a reliable team of experienced staff, you can count on us to handle your gold well and pay you good money - we are not going to cheat you out of cash! We trust and have faith in our customers, and treat them with the proper respect owed. With over 50 years’ experience in retailing, valuating and refining gold, precious metals and jewellery, rest assured our experts will provide you with the best service. Operating from our large retail premises in Wolverhampton, we have evolved to become the fastest growing online gold and precious metal merchant in the West Midlands. We highly recommend that you send your items in by Royal Mail Special Delivery, as these consignments are usually traceable and insured. This is for your own safety as we are not liable for any losses incurred in transit. If you request a Prepaid Special Delivery bag, we will send you this within 24hours of your request. All you must do is place your items in the bag and send it off at the nearest Post Office free of charge. It is insured up to the value of £500; if your items are worth more than this; please pay additional at the Post Office to increase the insured value.
Scrap Gold prices
57.443 €/g price up
gold 24 carat 2023.05.04
52.477 €/g price up
22ct Gold 2023.05.04
50.398 €/g price up
21ct Gold 2023.05.04
43.193 €/g price up
gold 18 carat 2023.05.04
33.693 €/g price up
gold 14 carat 2023.05.04
21.705 €/g price up
gold 9 carat 2023.05.04
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