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Cash for gold in Barcelona city / Scrap gold prices Spain. Buy gold in Barcelona. Buy or sell gold, silver or diamonds in Barcelona with the safety we offer you. Be wary of false advertising or endless unknown telephone numbers. Check our unbeatable prices and find the best price guaranteed. Andorrano Jewellers with the guarantee of more than 40 years experience, and the safest and highest professionalism in the sector, offers its gold buying services in Barcelona. In our premises you will be able to find the best prices for your gold, silver and diamonds; and always count on the advice of our qualified staff. Forget inexperienced companies without physical premises. In our store you will have quality care and be able to consult prices or questions related to buying gold, silver or diamonds. Andorrano Joyería offers you high quality gold coins at the best price. The authenticity of our coins is guaranteed, providing you with the security you need. Buy gold coins from our online store and enjoy great relics. Purchasing gold coins today is a safe investment. In ten years the profitability of gold, in euros, can reach 140%. In fifteen years the profitability of gold rises and given in euros reaches a percentage of 279.5%. In the event that we want to invest in an even longer period of time, the return on gold, over a period of twenty years, in euros, represents a 301.4% profit. Currently there are many shops dedicated to the sale of gold objects that we know as |buy gold|. What differentiates Andorrano Joyería from other specialized shops in the sector is the confidentiality, ease, and security with which gold transactions are carried out, as well as a better appraisal of gold market prices compared to its competitors. You can find on our website an application that reflects the price of gold per gram and quality automatically updated so that you can check the price with the security of receiving the updated appraisal, and ease of making the sale with the information provided through from our website. At Andorrano Joyería we are dedicated to buying and selling gold objects. We are among the most important 'buy gold' companies on the Internet, which is an added value for the confidence of our clients when carrying out transactions. This, added to the ease of carrying them out, and the security with which it is carried out, makes this company one of the national references for the purchase and sale of gold objects on the Internet. If you are in Esplugues you can visit us at our store to advise you. The appraisal of gold is carried out in relation to its weight and quality, and to the average market price (€/gr.), that is, depending on the quality of the gold, whether it is 9k, 12k, 14k, 18k, 22k, or 24k. will have a different price per gram.
Scrap Gold prices
56.17 €/g price up
Calidad del Oro 24K 2023.05.15
40.16 €/g price up
Calidad del Oro 18K 2023.05.15
26.98 €/g price up
Calidad del Oro 14K 2023.05.15
14.84 €/g price up
Calidad del Oro 9K 2023.05.15
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