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Cash for gold Riga city. Gold prices Latvia. Purchase price of gold p carats, gold 12 carats, gold 18 carats, gold 24 carats & prices for gold othes differnet carats. Our specialist determines the proof of your gold or silver jewellery and quotes the price. Money is paid immediately after gold/silver has been checked. Once you find a suitable deal visit one of our offices to get your items valued by Tavex expert. After the valuation of your items we offer instant payout. The process is fast, transparent and convenient. If you have any questions or would like to know more, make an appointment for a free consultation or contact us. Investment gold is an investment in a real and tangible asset, the amount of which is limited in nature. Gold is a unique precious metal, so it is still called the 'world currency'. The price of gold has increased fivefold in the last 20 years. Tavex buys coins and bars that are in our daily offering as well as those that are not included in our product list. If you cannot find your coin or bar in the list, we will be able to help you in person at our branch. Our specialists will determine the quality of your gold or silver coin or bar and offer you the best price. We provide instant cashout right after checking the coins and bars. Enter the information you have about the coin or bar and calculate the approximate payout amount. You choose the Tavex branch closest to you, where our experts will determine the quality of the presented precious metals and make a price offer at the best price. After evaluating the products, we will make an immediate cash payment. The transaction process is fast, simple and convenient.Tavex is part of the Tavex Group concern, which operates in eight countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia and Latvia). Tavex Group is the largest precious metals trading company in Northern Europe and its product range is very extensive. In addition, we are a partner of well-known gold producers: Valcambi, PAMP, Perth Mint, Austrian Mint and China Great Wall Coins Investments. Tavex Group supplies a large part of its products directly from manufacturers. There are no other intermediaries in the supply chain, so we are able to offer extremely competitive prices.
Scrap Gold prices
56.59 €/g price up
999 proves zelta 2023.05.31
51.12 €/g price up
917 proves zelta (monētas) 2023.05.31
50.24 €/g price up
900 proves zelta (monētas) 2023.05.31
40.72 €/g price up
750 (18K) proves zelta 2023.05.31
31.76 €/g price up
585 (14K) proves zelta 2023.05.31
20.36 €/g price up
375 (9K) proves zelta 2023.05.31
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