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Cash for gold in St. Petersburg city, Russia. Purchase of gold in St. Petersburg. Purchase price of gold St. Petersburg. Gold price of differents carats St. Petersburg | Purchase of scrap gold in St. Petersburg is a service of our company that will allow you to maintain the image of a reliable business partner, avoid financial asperities. Gold, like time, is a lot of money, and it's best to get it on time. We buy gold, both jewelry and scrap. You can view prices and learn more about buying gold on the gold page. The owners of the yellow metal very rarely dare to sell gold items, trying mainly to ensure their own financial stability and a confident look into the future with its help. However, life brings surprises every day, and in a period of acute shortage of free funds, people turn to buying gold items in the first place. The price of diamonds, old coins, antiques, etc. is set after the assessment in our office. You can also request a preliminary estimate of precious items by phone or email right now. The price of silver is constantly rising. Gold has a higher value. Buying silver is becoming more and more relevant. By renting it, you can get good money without spending a lot of time when contacting a reliable pawnshop. The pawnshop buys: banking, jewelry, tableware, technical silver. Items are received in various conditions. You can profitably sell scrap. Even ingots are accepted. Quite good money is gained by handing over coins. Often, silver items accumulate in the house, which are no longer used. They just take up space. There is a simple solution - to turn in silver and earn money for it. If you need to get rid of the gold jewelry that bothers you or you just need money and you have gold to sell, then you have come to the right place. Our company provides services for the purchase of gold in St. Petersburg. You can sell scrap gold and jewelry.
Scrap Gold prices
55.748 €/g no changes
999 проба / 24 карат 2023.05.15
50.173 €/g no changes
900 проба 2023.05.15
46.828 €/g no changes
Стоматологическое золото 2023.05.15
42.926 €/g no changes
750 проба / 18 карат 2023.05.15
34.006 €/g no changes
583 - 585 проба / 14 карат 2023.05.15
28.989 €/g no changes
500 проба / 12 карат 2023.05.15
21.742 €/g no changes
375 проба / 9 карат 2023.05.15
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