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Scrap gold prices Hungary. Cash for gold Budapest ciy. Our company deals with the purchase of the following goods: broken gold of various finenesses, gold, silver and platinum coins, gold, silver and platinum ingots, platinum, broken silver, other alloys. If you have a precious metal object for sale for which you cannot find an offer price on our website, please call our customer service! Gold is one of the oldest known metals. Thousands of years of writing testify to the versatility of its use. This metal can be found in its pure state in nature although it is a very rare metal. Therefore, and due to its easy formability, its value was quickly recognized. It retains its metallic luster, which quickly fascinated people. It symbolized the eternal and the immortal, in many cultures its sacred meaning was important, in other cultures it was also used as a raw material in objects of use. Gold consumption is very high by today's standards. In the modern, let's say, information society, everyone already has the opportunity to monitor values and investments. People turn with much more confidence to investments that can be grasped in their actual material reality. Gold is just like that. It stands out among investments due to its stability of value; unfortunately, in today's difficult economic situation, we see that intangible investments can be lost completely, due to things and events that we didn't even think about, even though we can watch the stock market from the armchair at home. It is psychologically important for a person to have physical possessions when he gives money for something.
Scrap Gold prices
57.64 €/g price up
Színarany 24 kt > 999%o 2023.05.09
57.42 €/g price up
Dukátok 23.6 kt > 986%o 2023.05.09
52.26 €/g price up
Törtarany 22 kt > 916%o 2023.05.09
51.88 €/g price up
Érmék 21.6 kt > 900%o 2023.05.09
42.34 €/g price up
Törtarany 18 kt > 750%o 2023.05.09
32.8 €/g price up
Törtarany 14 kt > 585%o 2023.05.09
20.5 €/g price up
Törtarany 9 kt > 375%o 2023.05.09
18.21 €/g price up
Törtarany 8 kt > 333%o 2023.05.09
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