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Cash for gold Munchen / Scrap gold prices Germany. Goldankauf-Au.de is your fair and competent partner for both the purchase and sale of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, gold and silver jewelry, coins and bars in Munich. We buy gold in every form: gold jewelry (old, new and defective), gold coins, gold bars, dental gold, broken gold, bags and gold wristwatches. If you want to buy gold coins in Munich, are looking for investment coins and gold bars at a good gold price in Munich and in Germany, or if you want to sell your gold coins at current prices, then you have come to the right place! Gold and silver trading in Munich - price comparison makes you rich. The prices for gold, silver and platinum are permanently updated based on the stock exchange prices in 5-minute intervals. Gold purchase Au in Munich - we attach great importance to discretion, transparency and fairness. Gold purchase Au in Munich - we are happy to advise you. The prices for gold, silver and platinum are constantly updated every 5 minutes based on the stock market prices. Goldankauf-Au in Munich - we attach great importance to discretion, transparency and fairness. Gold purchase in Munich - we would be happy to advise you. Gold purchase price in Munich: Purchase of gold jewelry without stones, gold teeth, gold, gold coins and gold bars at fair prices. Gold price in Munich: Sale of gold coins and gold bars at reasonable prices. Gold sales in Munich - purchase of yellow gold, red gold and white gold always at the current prices. In the past 5,000 years of human civilization, about 170,000 tons of gold were mined. Hardly any of it has been lost over the millennia. The reason for this is that there has always been a gold cycle in the form of gold buying and selling. Because the value of gold was appreciated, it was passed on to future generations as family jewelry. The precious metal was melted down and made into new gold objects. When you consider that this amount of gold is distributed all over the globe, the weight seems very small.
Scrap Gold prices
57.89 €/g price down
Feingold 999,9 (24k) gepunzt 2023.05.23
54.18 €/g price down
Gold 986 (23,6k) 2023.05.23
52.64 €/g price down
Gold 958 (23k) 2023.05.23
50.33 €/g price down
Gold 916 (22k) 2023.05.23
49.45 €/g price down
Gold 900 (21,6k) 2023.05.23
48.08 €/g price down
Gold 875 (21k) 2023.05.23
45.77 €/g price down
Gold 833 (20k) 2023.05.23
41.21 €/g price down
Gold 750 (18k) 2023.05.23
35.71 €/g price down
Zahngold (gelb und weiß gereinigt) 2023.05.23
32.14 €/g price down
Gold 585 (14k) 2023.05.23
27.47 €/g price down
Gold 500 (12k) 2023.05.23
22.86 €/g price down
Gold 416 (10k) 2023.05.23
20.60 €/g price down
Gold 375 (9k) 2023.05.23
18.3 €/g price down
Gold 333 (8k) 2023.05.23
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