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Cash for gold Hamburg city, Germany. Since no trader will pay you the full exchange gold prices in the event of a sale, our gold price purchase is ideal for getting an overview of the real trading value of your gold. Our gold purchase price is based on the gold prices of the international stock exchanges and is calculated as tightly as possible in order to achieve the highest possible gold price in euros per gram for our customers. How high the gold price is for a sale naturally also depends on the precious metal prices on the international stock exchanges. But the gold buyer also has a strong influence on the gold price sale. Some pay close to the market price, some only pay “up to” gold prices and some make outrageously low offers. We stand for high gold purchase prices and so you can get a realistic overview of how high the gold price is when you sell. You cannot visit us in person and still want to sell your dental gold? Then use our postal purchase service, which has been tried and tested for many years, throughout Germany! We buy all types of dental gold, be it a single gold tooth, a gold filling, gold filling or a complete denture with gold content. In addition, it does not matter whether there are still teeth, ceramics or other adhesions on the gold teeth. The color doesn't matter either, because we buy white as well as yellow dental gold. Leftovers from dentistry, such as tooth gold plates or casting cones, are also welcome to us. We buy a wide variety of valuables at our gold buying point in Hamburg. To give you an overview of our extensive purchase service, we have listed everything here: Purchase of: gold, silver, platinum, palladium, tin, silver-plated, amber, diamonds, watches, jewellery, coins and bars. Gold: All alloys such as B. 333 (8 carat), 585 gold (14 carat), 750 (18 carat) or 999 (24 carat) gold. Also white gold, red gold and yellow gold. Scrap gold: old broken gold jewellery, scratched gold coins and gold bars, broken gold, melted gold and scraps such as gold filings or pieces of gold. Dental Gold: Gold teeth, dental crowns, alloy plates, casting cones, dentures, white and yellow dental gold, cleaned or with ceramic or tooth. Gold coins: Krugerrand, Maple Leafe, Goldeuro, Goldmark, Australia Nugget, China Panda, Vienna Philharmonic, American Eagle and American Buffalo. Gold bars: Degussa, Hereaus, Ögussa, Umicore, Valcambi and other manufacturers. Gold jewellery: gold rings, gold brooches, gold chains and gold bracelets. Jewelry: gold jewelry, amber jewelry, silver jewelry, diamond jewelry, antique jewelry and luxury jewelry from Christ, Wempe, Pandora, Bulgari, Chopard and Tiffany.
Scrap Gold prices
57.21 €/g price down
999er Altgold 2023.05.18
54.65 €/g price down
986er Altgold 2023.05.18
53.48 €/g price down
965er Altgold 2023.05.18
52.65 €/g price down
950er Altgold 2023.05.18
50.82 €/g price down
917er Altgold 2023.05.18
49.88 €/g price down
900er Altgold 2023.05.18
48.49 €/g price down
875er Altgold 2023.05.18
46.17 €/g price down
833er Altgold 2023.05.18
41.57 €/g price down
750er Altgold 2023.05.18
32.42 €/g price down
585 er Altgold 2023.05.18
31.47 €/g price down
Zahngold Gelb gereinigt 2023.05.18
23.11 €/g price down
417er Altgold 2023.05.18
21.17 €/g price down
Zahngold Gelb mit Keramik 2023.05.18
20.78 €/g price down
375er Altgold 2023.05.18
18.46 €/g price down
333er Altgold 2023.05.18
10.3 €/g price down
Zahngold Weiß gereinigt 2023.05.18
7.44 €/g price down
Zahngold Weiß mit Keramik 2023.05.18
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