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Gold buying Arnes city. Gold purschase prices Norway. The treasure chest of gold, silver and precious stones has a vision of being Norway's largest and best second-hand shop for silver cutlery and jewelery in both gold and silver. The tax coffers support that we as a society should move away from the use-and-throw mentality. We want to focus on reselling what we buy, rather than melting it down. We therefore refurbish the goods we buy that can be refurbished, so that the customer who buys silver and gold from us receives good quality of the product. We have approved a second-hand trade permit from the Police, and we have type-approved weights intended for weighing gold and silver, and which have been approved by the Justervesenet. Gullsølvkjøp is part of the company Skattekisten, here you get an overview of the process if you want to sell your gold and silver to us. We have a vision the best price for gold in Norway. We give you the best gold price in the market and pay for all karate halters. Although we are the price leader in both gold and silver prices, we still give you a +price for nicely used and unengraved silverware, candlesticks, etc. We of course give the same price if you deliver in person or send it as an insured Norwegian parcel in the post. We recommend everyone who sends parcels with such values to take a picture of what is being sent, as well as when the goods are on a kitchen scale etc. which shows the weight of what is being sent. This is recommended because if a package were to disappear in the post, you can document to the post office what was of value in the package. Safety for you is safety for us. You are of course also welcome to deliver your silver/gold in person, if you wish. Then we offer you to join and participate in the entire process, from quality and weight control, until the amount you are supposed to have is transferred to your account. Call or send an email/SMS to make an appointment.
Scrap Gold prices
56.367 €/g price up
24k gull pris 2023.05.24
44.969 €/g price up
23k gull 2023.05.24
43.01 €/g price up
22k gull 2023.05.24
41.051 €/g price up
21k gull 2023.05.24
35.263 €/g price up
18k gull pris 2023.05.24
27.961 €/g price up
14k gull pris 2023.05.24
19.501 €/g price up
10k gull 2023.05.24
15.761 €/g price up
8k gull pris 2023.05.24
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