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Cash for gold Barcelona / Scrap gold prices Spain. Joyeria Osorio S.L., is a family business dedicated to the Sale of Gold throughout Spain. With the boom that this market is having, due to the Crisis, many opportunists take the opportunity to abuse unsuspecting people. Request your insured Express Postal Envelope by filling in the information on the form on the right side of the page. When we receive your Email, we will call you to confirm the delivery of your Express Postal Envelope, and close the price of your Gold. Enter the jewels you wish to sell in the attached rebate envelope. Once the package is received, we will analyze your Gold. Practically all the Gold purchased in Spain is 18K Gold. Remember that we will remove all the stones, to be able to value the net weight of the Gold. Do you need cash safely and quickly or recover the money you invested in buying jewelry and gold pieces? Joyería Orio, is a shop that buys gold in the Collblanc Market in Hospitalet de Llobregat, specializing in the purchase of gold since 2009. Surely you have in your possession a piece of gold that you no longer use or have inherited and you want to obtain the highest appraisal for her. At Joyería Osorio, we offer you a totally personalized and professional service. Our valuations are always upward, according to the price of gold according to the market. Do not think twice and visit us or make an appraisal by phone. 24-carat gold is one of the most used golds in jewelry, due to its high purity. It is the purest gold and therefore the most valuable, it is 99.9% pure. 14-karat gold is used for low-quality jewelry (known as fantasy), its low percentage of gold reduces its cost. It is only 50% pure.
Scrap Gold prices
55.62 €/g price up
oro 24 kilates 2023.05.24
49.8 €/g price up
oro 22 kilates 2023.05.24
38.18 €/g price up
oro 18 kilates 2023.05.24
25.86 €/g price up
oro 14 kilates 2023.05.24
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