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Cash for gold Hvidovre city / Scrap gold price Denmark. We specialize in buying gold and silver from private individuals and businesses that have the opportunity to sell their old jewelry, cutlery, investment gold, tooth gold and more. at Denmark's highest silver and gold prices. Our gold prices are calculated on the basis of figures from the stock exchange. Our goal is always to offer our customers the most advantageous silver and gold prices on the market. The silver prices and gold prices listed are the gold prices you as a customer get, which are not deducted from any hidden fees. In our calculator you can enter the grams of gold & silver you have of each carat and get a total gold price and silver price. Our gold and silver prices are updated regularly due to fluctuations in the world market price. Transparency throughout the process with a high service standard. No hidden fees or other surprises, we make it understandable, honest and pleasant to visit us. See the simple sales process. Denmark's highest gold prices & silver prices. You can sell all kinds of gold with us and get the best gold prices, whether it's gold necklaces, gold bracelets, gold rings, gold teeth or a lot of other things. We buy all gold & silver and do it in a professional and proper way. We weigh your gold together and you are taken through the entire assessment process until we have a final offer for you. If you agree to this, you will receive a receipt and the money will be deposited into your bank account. If you don't live near one of our branches, or if you don't have time to show up in person, you can safely and securely send your gold & silver to us. You are of course guaranteed the same high gold & silver prices as if you showed up in person, but by sending your heirlooms or gold jewelry to us, you can save yourself a lot of time. On this page you can find current gold prices & silver prices easily and simply. The prices always follow the world market, and you can always be sure that you will find the best prices for gold & silver in Denmark with us. We have over 12 years of experience as a gold dealer, and we always have you in focus. You can therefore safely sell old heirlooms or gold jewelery that you no longer use to us. In addition, we always match the gold price if you are able to find other dealers who give you a better deal, as you must be able to trust us 100 percent when selling your gold and silver for the best gold prices & silver prices. Vitus Guld is Denmark's leading gold dealer with the best reputation in the gold industry. We give you the best gold price for your gold jewelery and your old silver cutlery. We test your gold & silver with our X-ray to clarify the carat and see the soundness.
Scrap Gold prices
56.937 €/g price down
Finguld (Barre) 9999 ‰ 2023.05.21
54.57 €/g price down
24 karat 999 ‰ 2023.05.21
47.567 €/g price down
22 karat (916 ‰) 2023.05.21
46.774 €/g price up
21,6 karat 900 ‰ 2023.05.21
45.188 €/g price down
21 karat 875 ‰ 2023.05.21
39.476 €/g price down
18 karat 750 ‰ 2023.05.21
30.86 €/g price up
14 karat 585 ‰ 2023.05.21
17.648 €/g no changes
8 karat 333 ‰ 2023.05.21
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