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Cash for gold Minsk city, Scrap gold price Belarus. VDOLG - these are round-the-clock pawnshops in Minsk, which provide an operational loan secured by various property. Our pawnshops in Minsk are distinguished by a wide specialization: watch pawnshop Minsk, jewelry pawnshop Minsk, pawnshop Swiss watches, pawnshop electronics, car pawnshop Minsk. It doesn't matter for what purpose you need funds, we will help! The simplest and most common type of collateral is gold. You can hand over gold in Minsk on favorable terms in our network of pawnshops. We accept: scrap gold, jewelry, ingots, coins, dental gold, etc. The purchase prices of gold depend on the prices of the respective metals on stock exchanges and change very often. Almost any valuable property we can to buy from you. The price of gold depends primarily on the sample and weight of the product. It does not matter what you want to pawn, a torn bracelet or earrings with emeralds, only the weight of the metal is considered, and the stones are not taken into account. The higher the sample and weight of the product of the collateral item, the higher the estimated value. Separate prices tariffs are set for dental gold. All prices The rate for gold in banks, jewelry stores, workshops, factories and pawnshops is the same and is strictly regulated by the Ministry of Finance. The appearance of the item being sold does not affect the appraised value. The main criteria are sample and weight. The advantage of a pawnshop over jewelry stores is that you can buy back a memorabilia or a family heirloom from us, which cannot be said about buying up at factories and specialized stores at collection points. Stones are not taken into account. The calculation includes the weight and sample of the product of the pledged property. When giving family heirlooms to a pawnshop or expensive jewelry with stones, take care of the timely redemption of the deposit. Upon the expiration of the term of the concluded agreement, gold items are stored in the pawnshop for only 45 days, after which they are sent to the state storage for remelting. Pawnshop VDOLG works around the clock for the convenience of customers, this does not affect the cost of services or the price of precious metals. A pawnshop, like any convenience store or an ambulance, is simply always needed, therefore it is available at any time.
Scrap Gold prices
57.369 €/g price up
золото 958 пробы 2023.05.23
56.891 €/g price up
золото 950 пробы 2023.05.23
54.854 €/g price up
золото 916 пробы 2023.05.23
53.894 €/g price up
золото 900 пробы 2023.05.23
44.912 €/g price up
золото 750 пробы 2023.05.23
35.033 €/g price up
золото 585 пробы 2023.05.23
35.033 €/g price up
золото 583 пробы 2023.05.23
29.942 €/g price up
золото 500 пробы 2023.05.23
22.456 €/g price up
золото 375 пробы 2023.05.23
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