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Cash for gold in Germany, Bremen city. Right in the heart of Bremen, we offer you free and comprehensive advice on buying and selling gold and other precious metals and on storing them safely. In our Bremen branch you can get all common precious metals. In addition to gold bars and gold coins, you can also buy silver, platinum and palladium from us in the form of coins and bars. Our range is supplemented by copper products and gift items. With us you can not only acquire precious metals for investment purposes, but also turn your scrap gold into cash. With the latest technology (X-ray fluorescence analysis device) we can check your scrap gold and pay you the equivalent value directly if you wish. Visit us in the historic building of the Bremen Cotton Exchange and let our experts advise you free of charge and without obligation on your personal investment in precious metals. According to our representative survey in cooperation with the renowned TNS Emnid Institute, over 70% of Bremen residents are open to investing in precious metals and would buy their gold from philoro Bremen. Our branch is located right in the heart of Bremen in the historic building of the cotton exchange with excellent parking facilities in the immediate vicinity.
Scrap Gold prices
55.74 €/g no changes
Gold 999 - 24 Karat 2023.05.03
50.96 €/g no changes
Gold 986 - Dukatengold 2023.05.03
47.34 €/g no changes
Gold 916 2023.05.03
46.52 €/g no changes
Gold 900 2023.05.03
45.22 €/g no changes
Gold 875 - 21 Karat 2023.05.03
38.76 €/g no changes
Gold 750 - 18 Karat 2023.05.03
30.24 €/g no changes
Gold 585 - 14 Karat 2023.05.03
17.21 €/g no changes
Gold 333 - 8 Karat 2023.05.03
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