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Cash for gold in Germany, Freiburg city. In our Freiburg branch we keep gold bars, coins and other precious metals in stock for you. Cash payments are possible in unlimited amounts. For amounts under €2,000, you have the option of purchasing your precious metals anonymously. philoro offers you an extensive range of the most popular and internationally renowned investment coins and bars in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Our products are usually freshly minted or in their original packaging and are carefully checked by us. 64% of Freiburg residents are open to precious metals and every second Freiburg resident considers gold and silver to be a sensible investment. Freiburg is often referred to as the 'Green City', because this name fits hardly any other city better. The bars offered by philoro are not only LBMA certified, but are also subject to the 'Responsible Gold Guidance', a guideline for the responsible use of gold. We have the latest technology at our Freiburg branch. We evaluate your treasures fairly and transparently using an RFA device (X-ray fluorescence analysis). At philoro you can understand and experience all the steps involved in testing and evaluating your scrap metal. Whether confirmation, birthday or wedding, gold is an ideal gift idea. In addition to our extensive selection of coins and bars, our Freiburg branch also offers gift cards designed by us and various gift packaging.
Scrap Gold prices
55.86 €/g no changes
Gold 999 - 24 Karat 2023.05.02
51.07 €/g no changes
Gold 986 - Dukatengold 2023.05.02
47.44 €/g no changes
Gold 916 2023.05.02
46.62 €/g no changes
Gold 900 2023.05.02
45.32 €/g no changes
Gold 875 - 21 Karat 2023.05.02
38.85 €/g no changes
Gold 750 - 18 Karat 2023.05.02
30.3 €/g no changes
Gold 585 - 14 Karat 2023.05.02
17.25 €/g no changes
Gold 333 - 8 Karat 2023.05.02
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