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Cash for gold Italy, Caserta city. Your Buy Gold in Marcianise in the province of Caserta. We buy 24k, 22k, 20k, 18k and 14k Gold. But in addition to gold we are also able to evaluate and purchase your silver and diamonds, always offering you the best possible evaluation. For your evaluation we use specific equipment and show the prices transparently. The reviews left by our customers make us proud of our work and distinguish our shop for our reliability, guarantee and transparency. Be wary of imitations, try our shop and find out why customers from all over Campania have chosen Menditti Raffaele's Compro Oro to sell their gold. Our gold shop is located in Caserta (Marcianise) and is a point of reference for those who intend to sell their precious objects and obtain the highest possible price. Only in our offices can you get the best possible quotation and above all not lose value on market fluctuations. If you have used or unused gold and need cash, checks or instant bank transfers, you've come to the right place. From 'Menditti Raffaele' you can find the best prices for your gold, updated in real time. We offer the possibility of having the amount immediately in cash, check or instant bank transfer, all in a transparent manner with approved scales with a guarantee of reliability. The value of gold and other precious metals can vary every second, our experience in the sector has allowed us to offer a service for all people who intend to sell their gold and want to make the greatest possible profit.
Scrap Gold prices
57.49 €/g price up
Oro 24K 2023.05.31
52.54 €/g price up
Oro 22K 2023.05.31
51.21 €/g price up
Oro 20K 2023.05.31
42.15 €/g price up
Oro 18K 2023.05.31
32.19 €/g price up
Oro 14K 2023.05.31
17.1 €/g price up
Oro 9K 2023.05.31
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