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Cash for gold in Italy, Roma city. Here we are at the crux of the matter. Too often we hear of gold buyers who use misleading advertising to attract customers. They offer TOO high prices to be real, with the sole purpose of getting people into the shop and then scamming them with a thousand tricks. Knowing the daily gold prices is therefore of fundamental importance to avoid all this. I've talked about it several times, I don't feel like going back to it, by now you should know how it works. The price of gold, new or used, is always the same. Unlike, for example, the car market, it is not an asset that does not deteriorate over time and therefore tends to keep its value unchanged. Obviously this does not mean that the evaluation that you can receive in a gold buy is equal to the stock exchange quotation. We must always consider a profit margin for the shopkeeper. For a person who simply wants to sell gold instead, knowing the fixing is not important, just knowing the gold price at that moment. If you then rely on professionals like OROLIVE who make assessments based LIVE on the gold stock market price, so much the better. The official gold quotation is expressed in dollars per troy ounce (just as oil is expressed in dollars/barrel for example). It is simply the international unit of measurement. The troy ounce, which is different from the simple ounce, is the weight unit of gold and corresponds to approximately 31.10 g.
Scrap Gold prices
58.51 €/g price up
Oro 24 Kt 2023.05.30
43.81 €/g price up
Oro 18 Kt 2023.05.30
34.15 €/g price up
Oro 14 Kt 2023.05.30
19.39 €/g price up
Oro 9 Kt 2023.05.30
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