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Cash for gold Austria, Graz city. Welcome to the Graz branch of philoro on Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Straße. We are your competent partner in Graz when it comes to investing in precious metals. If you want to buy gold in bars or coins in Graz, you have found your solid and trustworthy partner in philoro. In our branch you will find a wide range of products from all common gold coins and gold bars, but also from other precious metals such as silver, platinum and palladium. Thanks to our over-the-counter trade in Graz, your precious metal purchase can be processed quickly and easily. A large selection of bullion coins, bullion bars and other precious metal products is available in our Graz branch. In our discreet consultation room, your questions about gold bars and coins, silver, platinum and palladium will be answered by our experienced and competent staff. Have our products presented to you over a cup of coffee and work with us to find the optimal form of investment that is tailored to your individual needs. The philoro branch in Graz is in a central location and is characterized by good accessibility. The easiest and most transparent way to buy gold in Graz is at philoro. At philoro you can not only buy precious metals as an investment, you can also sell your 'old treasures' such as broken gold or gold jewelery - philoro is the test winner among gold buyers in Graz. In the event of a sale, you can receive the invoice amount immediately in cash. People from Graz are open to precious metals and see gold and silver as a suitable form of wealth accumulation and protection. Go for gold too - the philoro branch team in Graz is already looking forward to your visit.
Scrap Gold prices
55.94 €/g price up
Gold 999 - 24 Karat 2023.05.23
51.14 €/g price up
Gold 986 - Dukatengold 2023.05.23
47.51 €/g price up
Gold 916 2023.05.23
46.68 €/g price up
Gold 900 2023.05.23
45.39 €/g price up
Gold 875 - 21 Karat 2023.05.23
38.9 €/g price up
Gold 750 - 18 Karat 2023.05.23
30.34 €/g price up
Gold 585 - 14 Karat 2023.05.23
17.27 €/g price up
Gold 333 - 8 Karat 2023.05.23
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