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Cash for gold Karlsruhe city, Germany. Our company is at your disposal if you, like many others before you, are interested in buying precious metals safely. Our offers are adjusted several times a day to the price fluctuations on the world markets / world stock exchanges. We constantly try to offer you the cheapest price for precious metals. You can anonymously purchase up to 2000 euros in precious metals from us and only pay in CASH, without anyone noticing what, how, or how much you bought. This applies to anyone over the age of 18. We do not ask for proof of you up to 2000 euros. That means if there are three of you, you get precious metals worth 6,000 euros, etc. Of course, you can also order more and pay in cash, but we are then obliged to check you. Don't laugh, you could be a money launderer. Our government simply puts us all under general suspicion. We therefore ask you to transfer the money for larger sums and then you can pick up your order personally or simply contact our Wertransport partner. There are hundreds of companies that promise you the best service, the best price, free shipping bags , bank reference, guarantees, Ekomi customer reviews, or trusted seller labels etc, etc. Is everything legal by law? But common sense tells you that these benefits and services don't come for free, right? So, and who pays for all this, is it clear to you? - she. That's why we don't give anything for free. No purchased ads on Google, No mailers , No testimonial management companies. No, there is only one economically comprehensible honest purchase value for your treasures. And if possible , the 24 - hour price guarantee. But that is up to you and the shipping companies.
Scrap Gold prices
55.95 €/g price down
986er Gold 23,6kt 2023.05.09
51.97 €/g price down
916er Gold 22kt 2023.05.09
51.07 €/g price down
900er Gold 21,6kt 2023.05.09
49.65 €/g price down
875er Gold 21kt 2023.05.09
47.26 €/g price down
833er Gold 2023.05.09
42.56 €/g price down
750er Gold 18kt 2023.05.09
34.5 €/g price down
Zahngold gelb ab 2023.05.09
33.19 €/g price down
585er Gold 14kt 2023.05.09
21.28 €/g price down
375er Gold 9kt 2023.05.09
18.89 €/g price down
333er Gold 8kt 2023.05.09
999er Gold 24kt 2023.05.09
Barren 999 2023.05.09
Münzen 999 2023.05.09
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