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Cash for gold Vienna, Austria. philoro - the solid partner when buying precious metalsManagement philoro Austria. We are your reliable partner for investing in gold and silver. The highest quality standards for the products and comprehensive service have made our company one of the market leaders in precious metal trading in Europe. We offer you: personal and individual advice from our precious metals experts in our wide branch network, purchase and sale of bullion coins and bars from internationally renowned manufacturers but also from our own production, bank-independent storage in the precious metal depot. You have the option of purchasing precious metals in our online shop, our wholesale platform or directly in our branches. As a German-Austrian company with a global perspective, we have a large network consisting of the world's leading companies in the precious metals industry. We are locally anchored and will be happy to advise you on site in our branches in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In our online shop and our state-of-the-art wholesale platform you can buy and sell 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Healthy balance sheets, high liquidity and constantly increasing profits characterize us. Our equity ratio is well above the industry average and is a testament to our financial stability - also in an international comparison. Our ultimate goal is to increase growth and profits while creating a positive impact for society, employees, owners and of course our customers.
Scrap Gold prices
55.82 €/g price down
Gold 999 - 24 Karat 2023.05.06
51.03 €/g price down
Gold 986 - Dukatengold 2023.05.06
47.41 €/g price down
Gold 916 2023.05.06
46.58 €/g price down
Gold 900 2023.05.06
45.29 €/g price down
Gold 875 - 21 Karat 2023.05.06
38.82 €/g price down
Gold 750 - 18 Karat 2023.05.06
30.28 €/g price down
Gold 585 - 14 Karat 2023.05.06
17.24 €/g price down
Gold 333 - 8 Karat 2023.05.06
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