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Cash for gold in Germany, Erfurt city. If you are looking for a reputable gold dealer who also specializes in the purchase and valuation of luxury jewellery, diamonds and luxury watches, you have come to the right place. Be it the purchase of precious metals or jewelry - every process is handled transparently and fairly in our company. If you would like to sell your old gold, fine gold and/or dental gold to an experienced gold buyer at an attractive gold price, we are always at your disposal. You can offer and sell to us all precious metals, coins, jewellery, luxury watches and diamonds at current market prices. If you are not satisfied with our offer, we will of course return your valuables immediately and free of charge. We want you to feel comfortable with us and achieve prices that are worthwhile for you. You can use our purchase calculator to calculate the value of your precious metals at any time. Everything that is not commercial gold (bars, coins, ounces) falls under scrap gold. If there is no historical value, old gold is usually melted down and reprocessed. Due to the necessary processing steps, old gold usually achieves prices below the current gold price when purchased. Many people have old or inherited jewelry that just gathers dust in a drawer. We will pay you high prices for your old gold jewellery. We trade watches, rings, chains, bracelets or brooches as old gold. Depending on the condition and market value, we may pay purchase prices for your jewelry above the listed precious metal value. We are your address for buying gold in Erfurt, Leipzig, gold buying Kassel, Sontra and the surrounding area and we offer our precious metal buying online for the whole of Germany. We don't shy away from any competitor and beat almost every gold price at local pawnshops and dealers. In many cases, our offers are several hundred euros higher than those of our competitors. The processes are transparent and comprehensible for our customers. In our customer portal we have provided all kinds of information about the topic of buying precious metals.
Scrap Gold prices
57.36 €/g price up
999er Feingold 2023.05.30
56.21 €/g price up
986er (23,6 k) Gold 2023.05.30
52.22 €/g price up
916er (22 k) Gold 2023.05.30
51.3 €/g price up
900er (21,6 k) Gold 2023.05.30
42.75 €/g price up
750er (18 k) Gold 2023.05.30
33.35 €/g price up
585er (14 k) Gold 2023.05.30
21.38 €/g price up
375er (9 k) Gold 2023.05.30
18.98 €/g price up
333er (8 k) Gold 2023.05.30
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