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Cash for gold in Germany, Berlin city. We offer you various services and buy both old gold and jewellery. We not only work with the utmost discretion towards our customers, but also with modern equipment and technologies. Why? So we can offer you an absolutely fair and transparent gold purchase in Berlin. The pieces of old gold and jewelery you bring are examined in detail in order to be able to determine the exact fineness. We will be happy to explain the exact procedure to you if you bring your scrap gold or jewelery in person or contact our specialists by telephone. Why keep old dental gold when it is no longer used but is worth good money? We buy your dental gold in Berlin - in any quantity, whether from private individuals or dental practices. Thanks to many years of experience and professional technologies, we can determine the exact value of crowns, bridges and inlays as well as the respective composition of the dental gold. Because dental gold often consists not only of gold, but also of secondary metals or ceramics. Specialist dealers buy old gold such as necklaces and rings, but also broken gold and tooth gold at the current gold price. This gold price is not just any number, it is the market price for gold. This is particularly influenced by the relationship between supply and demand on the international market. The offer is largely limited. Demand fluctuates again and again - including in times of economic crisis, due to investments or speculation. When selling investment gold, you should not only pay attention to a good price, but also take into account that speculation tax may apply. Profits of up to EUR 600 remain tax-free within twelve months of purchase (holding period). From 600 euros, the profits are taxable in full. You then pay speculation tax at the personal tax rate.
Scrap Gold prices
57.08 €/g price up
999er Gold 2023.05.29
56.34 €/g price up
986er Gold 2023.05.29
52.34 €/g price up
916er Gold 2023.05.29
51.43 €/g price up
900er Gold 2023.05.29
50 €/g price up
875er Gold 2023.05.29
42.86 €/g price up
750er Gold 2023.05.29
35.71 €/g price up
625er Gold 2023.05.29
33.43 €/g price up
585er Gold 2023.05.29
21.43 €/g price up
375er Gold 2023.05.29
19.03 €/g price up
333er Gold 2023.05.29
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