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Cash for gold in Germany, Berlin city. We buy or credit gold, silver and platinum in Berlin at high rates. The lending of gold products has always been the core business in the pawn shop, i.e. you can expect competent, serious and friendly advice from our experienced pawn shop employees. You can always get non-binding advice in one of our pawnshops in Berlin. We don't push you to sell, our core business is lending, so we're not interested in making quick money by buying gold, we want to win you over as a good customer for our pawn shop. Be it as a borrower, be it as a buyer of jewelry, watches, or coins and other items of value offered in our pawnshops. We grant you an uncomplicated low-interest loan for your assets. Whether jewellery, stamps, art, watches or coins and bars - we lend against your valuables and pay you the loan in cash. Simple and direct, tailored to your needs without Schufa information. Have your valuables appraised: in person at one of our pawnshops in Berlin-Charlottenburg or Berlin-Mitte or in advance by telephone. If you agree with the estimated value of the deposit, you can take the loan with you in cash immediately after the item has been handed over. It is important to us at the Lohmann pawn shop that lending is as easy as possible for you. For this reason, the long-standing experts in our Berlin pawn shops handle the granting of the pawn loan for you quickly and unbureaucratically. No annoying proof of financial circumstances, no waiting times and, above all, no catches.
Scrap Gold prices
56.05 €/g price down
999 Barrengold 2023.05.26
52.62 €/g price down
999 Altgold 2023.05.26
51.93 €/g price down
986 Altgold 2023.05.26
50.83 €/g price down
Gold 965 (23 Karat) 2023.05.26
48.3 €/g price down
917 Altgold 2023.05.26
48.25 €/g price down
Gold 916 (22 Karat) 2023.05.26
47.4 €/g price down
900 Altgold 2023.05.26
46.09 €/g price down
Gold 875 (21 Karat) 2023.05.26
45.78 €/g price down
Gold 833 (20 Karat) 2023.05.26
39.5 €/g price down
Gold 750 (18 Karat) 2023.05.26
30.81 €/g price down
Gold 585 (14 Karat) 2023.05.26
17.38 €/g price down
Gold 333 (8 Karat) 2023.05.26
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