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Cash for gold Belrin city, Germany. The gold purchase prices are always based on the current gold price. However, one should already distinguish between the current gold rate and the gold purchase prices. At Juwelier Mere, you can achieve significantly higher prices when buying gold, regardless of the current gold price. It does not matter whether the gold purchase is white gold, yellow gold or red gold. If you want to sell your gold at juweliermere.de, the condition of the gold, the interest in buying it and the material value will be taken into account for the evaluation. Buying gold from Juwelier Mere is done professionally, seriously and even solidly. You will receive your money from us immediately after you have decided to sell gold. Buying gold in Berlin is a great way to get quick cash, especially if you have unused jewelry or other gold items. There are many reputable and trustworthy companies in Berlin that specialize in buying gold and can offer you a fair valuation and quick processing. Whether you live in Berlin or are just visiting, there are plenty of places to sell gold. These include jewelers, gold dealers, pawn shops and online buying services. However, it is important to take the time to choose the right company for your needs. If you decide to sell gold in Berlin, it is important that you have an idea of how much your gold is worth.
Scrap Gold prices
56.01 €/g no changes
916er Gold (22 kt) 2023.05.25
55.04 €/g no changes
900er Gold (21,6 kt) 2023.05.25
45.86 €/g no changes
750er Gold (18 kt) 2023.05.25
35.77 €/g no changes
585er Gold (14 kt) 2023.05.25
20.36 €/g no changes
333er Gold (8 kt) 2023.05.25
999er Gold (24 kt) 2023.05.25
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