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Cash for gold in Hannover city, Germany. If you would like to sell gold coins, you will benefit from our expertise or the competent and professional purchase of gold coins. In addition to gold jewelry and gold teeth, gold coins are the most common form of gold that our customers entrust to us. These can be, for example, bullion coins such as the American Eagle, Krugerrand or Maple Leaf, or circulation coins such as imperial gold coins, American Indian heads or Mexican pesos. Your gold coins are insured against all conceivable risks, both when you buy them by post and when you buy them in cash. Regardless of the quantity, of course, because you can sell us individual gold coins as well as entire coin collections. Many years of experience and passion for gold coins enable us to know almost every gold coin and thus to buy it in accordance with the conditions. This makes us the perfect contact for purchasing dental gold for business customers as well as for private customers. Sell dental gold to us and benefit from the very good conditions and transparent processes. You can look forward to holistic support and cooperation. Either directly on site or remotely via postal purchase. Your dental gold is in the best of hands with us. You can rely on many years of experience in buying gold, as well as on very precise analysis methods with which we analyze the exact content of gold, platinum, palladium and silver in your gold teeth.
Scrap Gold prices
56.95 €/g price down
999 Feingold (handelsfähig) 2023.05.24
55.17 €/g price down
986 Gold 2023.05.24
51.25 €/g price down
916 Gold (22 Karat) 2023.05.24
50.36 €/g price down
900 Gold 2023.05.24
41.96 €/g price down
750 Gold (18 Karat) 2023.05.24
35.5 €/g no changes
Zahngold (gelb, sauber) 2023.05.24
32.73 €/g price down
585 Gold (14 Karat) 2023.05.24
20.98 €/g price down
375 Gold (9 Karat) 2023.05.24
18.63 €/g price down
333 Gold (8 Karat) 2023.05.24
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