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Gold price per gram Stockholm. All types of gold items can be sold to us. It is most common for customers to sell gold jewelry such as rings, bracelets and necklaces. Gold bars and gold coins are also good for selling. Jewelry that is broken or defective can be sold, the price is the same. Regardless of the color or karat of the gold, we offer good pay with competitive prices. Gold earrings and pendants for necklaces are among the most common gold items we buy. With mixed carats and weights. Gold bracelets and gold necklaces are pieces of jewelery that we buy on a daily basis. Armored links, X-links, Venezia links or popular Bismarck links belong to the most common categories we buy. Rings that are smooth and have no set stones are among the most common pieces of jewelry we buy. Some gold rings, sometimes older ones, have a higher carat content than the popular 18 carat. We make sure to always value your ring correctly. We buy dental gold at a high gold price. We often get questions about whether we buy dental gold and how it is done. When we receive the dental gold, we separate the gold from other metals or ceramics. We value the gold as usual and pay out according to the same price list. We buy all types of watches that are made of gold. Just like everything else, we value the gold weight and carat content and pay out according to today's current gold price. On a watch there are often details that are not made of gold, these are not included in the price paid.
Scrap Gold prices
56.61 €/g price down
Guld 24k 2023.05.24
50.843 €/g price up
Guld 22k 2023.05.24
48.536 €/g price up
Guld 21k 2023.05.24
39.84 €/g price up
Guld 18k 2023.05.24
30.967 €/g price up
Guld 14k 2023.05.24
18.101 €/g price up
Guld 9k 2023.05.24
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