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Gold price per gram Stockholm, Smålandsgatan 9. We sell and buy the best-selling products in the world. We are the only ones in Sweden who collaborate with the biggest names in the antique metal industry. Tavex is the Nordic region's leading retailer of precious metals Discover gold and silver products with low premiums and create free price watches. We buy investment gold bars and coins, old and unwanted jewellery, rings, necklaces, pendants, chains, earrings, medals, watches and broken gold items. Tavex does not buy melted down gold & silver, gold dust, dental gold, plated or rolled gold items. Pearls and gems will be thrown. In addition, we do not buy gold items that have a purity of less than 375 (9 karat). We offer market-leading prices with transparent pricing that applies to items regardless of size, we do not show misleading prices on our website that unfortunately can happen with other gold dealers (for example, the prices shown may appear to be very high, but are only offered if you sell more than 300g). The normal thing is that we get an average of 20-30g of gold and then the price at competing companies can be half of what is first shown. We encourage our customers to check reviews and search the companies, for example on Google, before making a deal online. Accurate valuation and lightning-fast payout, that's what you get when you sell your gold to Tavex, the leading gold and silver dealer in Scandinavia! Avoid long waiting times, sell your gold via Tavex Guldkuvert and get your money quickly.
Scrap Gold prices
56.82 €/g price up
Skrotguld - 1 g Investeringsguld med finhalt 999/24k 2023.05.20
52.137 €/g price up
Skrotguld - 1 g Investeringsguld med finhalt 917/22k (mynt) 2023.05.20
46.28 €/g price up
Skrotguld - 1 g Guld med finhalt 875/21k 2023.05.20
40.518 €/g price up
Skrotguld - 1 g Guld med finhalt 750/18k 2023.05.20
31.117 €/g price up
Skrotguld - 1 g Guld med finhalt 585/14k 2023.05.20
19.166 €/g price up
Skrotguld - 1 g Guld med finhalt 375/9k 2023.05.20
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