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Cash for gold & scrap gold prices Birmingham, UK. Scrap Gold or Silver price is NOT bottom price!. Cash for Vintage companies not only do not publish their prices they also offer considerably less than scrap. So if they can't re-sell your item as vintage or antique they still earn by selling the item to companies like us . We pay the highest prices for antique, vintage and modern gold and silver jewellery and scrap. When you want to sell your Gold, Silver or Platinum jewellery including rings, bracelets, chains etc you can either sell it to your local jeweller or a company like the Birmingham Gold Company. You should be aware that specialized gold and silver bullion dealers like ourselves can pay up to 3 times more for your jewellery items than some local jewellers, antique dealers and gold shops. There are several reasons for this , but the key reason is that many local jewellers and antique dealers are in fact middlemen and send the gold on to companies like ours for processing and refining. That is why we urge you to cut out the middlemen and send or bring your gold and silver jewellery direct to us Selling gold and silver jewellery can be a daunting task so why not just give us a call on 0121 448 0488 to discuss your jewellery selling requirements. At The Birmingham Gold Company we don't just buy scrap and we don't just pay scrap gold prices as per our calculator..We are also urgently looking to buy old, vintage antique and modern gold jewellery including rings with stones, pendants, designer chains and necklaces bracelets earrings etc Whilst we do deal in names such as Cartier, Bulgari, Chanel, Tiffany etc we will offer more than our calculator price for certain sellable items of jewellery, as ascertained by us. Please read on so you understand how it works.
Scrap Gold prices
55.886 €/g price down
Scrap gold 24ct - 1g 2023.05.16
51.227 €/g price down
Scrap gold 22ct - 1g 2023.05.16
41.92 €/g price down
Scrap gold 18ct - 1g 2023.05.16
32.602 €/g price down
Scrap gold 14ct - 1g 2023.05.16
20.955 €/g price down
Scrap gold 9ct - 1g 2023.05.16
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