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Cash for gold & scrap gol prices Malmo city, Sweden. At Guldcentrum you can sell gold safely and easily. Customers come to our shop in Malmö to sell gold from all over Scania, such as Kristianstad, Helsingborg, Trelleborg, Ystad and Lund. Guldcentrum has been a knowledgeable gold dealer since 1977. The company has been mentioned in, among others, Sydsvenskan, where we were recommended for our expertise. Buying gold is an important part of the Gold Center's business, but selling investment gold for long-term savings as well as for speculation is also a cornerstone of the Gold Center's business. We want it to be safe and easy to sell gold with us in Malmö. If you don't have the opportunity to get to our store, you can easily order a gold bag. You can be confident in sending gold safely with our Gold Bag as it is fully insured and traceable. You can order it for free on our website. In this way, you can sell gold to Guldcentrum wherever you are in Sweden. Guldcentrum has customers from all over Sweden, such as Norrköping, Västerås, Gothenburg, Örebro, Halmstad, Stockholm and Linköping. Our customers have realized the benefits of selling gold to the Gold Center with Gold Bag. We value the gold on the day of arrival through our unique process. All our valuations are free of charge whether you choose to sell your gold or not. The gold is tested in a Fischerscope X-Ray XAN 120, which analyzes the gold content with high accuracy. You will never again have to doubt the carat content of your gold. The sale is made at the gold price valid on the day of the sale. If you have a metal account with us, you choose whether you want to sell all or parts of the gold. With us at Guldcentrum you can buy gold, investment gold, gold bars and gold coins, either in the Guldcentrum webshop or in our store in Malmö. We offer gold bars and gold coins from leading manufacturers such as PAMP, Heraus and Valcambi. In Guldcentrum's webshop, you pay with an advance invoice that you receive by email. In our store in Malmö, you can both buy gold and sell gold. In the store, you have the option of paying for your gold in cash, with Swish and with a debit card. If you choose to buy investment gold in our store in Malmö, please contact us beforehand to confirm the pick-up time.
Scrap Gold prices
58.119 €/g price up
24k nypräglade tackor 2023.05.15
52.085 €/g price up
Guld 23K 2023.05.15
51.375 €/g price up
22K investeringsguld 2023.05.15
48.004 €/g price up
Guld 21K 2023.05.15
44.72 €/g price up
Guld 20K 2023.05.15
40.728 €/g price up
Guld 18K 2023.05.15
40.284 €/g price up
Tandguld 2023.05.15
31.322 €/g price up
Guld 14K 2023.05.15
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