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Cash for gold Belgium, Diepenbeek city. Buy gold, sell gold, buy silver, sell silver. What does gold cost per kilo, selling price of old gold per gram, buying gold coins, selling gold coins. Krugerrand, Maple Leaf, Gold for cash, gold and cash, Monsterbox silver, 1kg silver. You will find an answer to all these questions here or we will be happy to help you. After 25 years of investing in gold and silver, listed coins and numismatic coins, we decided in 2015 to set up Goudbank Limburg. We buy old gold and silver in bars and coins, jewellery, cutlery, candlesticks, soup tureens, ... Even if they are made of tin or bronze. We also sell investment gold and silver. Invest in gold or silver? We buy and sell gold and silver coins and bars. Our gold bars are from Metalor from the Swiss LBMA certified refinery. Metalor gold bars are recognized worldwide and easily tradable due to their |good delivery| status. They contain the highest possible purity of gold (999.9) and come with a certificate of authenticity. We have our own smelter, numismatists, goldsmiths and designers of exclusive gold jewellery. With our team of experienced professionals, we strive for a lasting relationship with all our customers. Discretion is of paramount importance to us, as is professionalism. All transactions between Goudbank Limburg and you are confidential. Goudbank Limburg also cleans your gold jewellery. This by means of an ultrasonic cleaner to restore your gold jewelery to its natural purity. Goudbank Limburg also produces official certificates for the valuation of your gold jewelery with or without diamonds. You may need this for your insurance company in the event of theft or loss. We buy old gold, old gold jewellery, new gold jewellery, gold coins, gold watches, gold teeth, gold medallions, etc. The rates in our tables are a snapshot. The final selling price of gold per gram to be obtained by you is calculated at our counter. Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a purchase or sale price. No commission is charged, and the gold price is adjusted several times a day in the tables with the correct time.
Scrap Gold prices
59 €/g price up
Goud 24Kt 2023.05.15
51.33 €/g price up
Goud 22Kt 2023.05.15
49.85 €/g price up
Goud 21,6Kt 2023.05.15
46.02 €/g price up
Goud 20Kt 2023.05.15
41.3 €/g price up
Goud 18Kt 2023.05.15
31.27 €/g price up
Goud 14Kt 2023.05.15
17.7 €/g price up
Goud 9Kt 2023.05.15
16.7 €/g price up
Goud 8Kt 2023.05.15
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