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Cash for gold Brussels. All gold jewelry and objects in good condition and also broken. We pay extra for antique jewelry if it is re-saleable. When in doubt about the quality, we have a spectrometer in house. This way we can offer you the highest possible price for this and pay you immediately. Sell ​​old gold at your gold bank. You can sell old gold here at the best conditions. This is gold jewelry, also broken. You can not only store your gold jewelry with us, but also other types of old gold such as coins and watches. Purchase Investment Gold. Investing in gold is gaining in popularity. Gold can be bought or sold in bars or coins. We are always ready for an expert valuation of your gold and then offer you the best price. Purchase Teeth Gold. We process the dental gold ourselves in our own smelter. When in doubt about the quality, we have a spectrometer in house. Please remove any tooth residue from the crowns as much as possible. We purchase dental gold, gold crowns and dental waste from dentists, dental technicians, dental labs, crematoria, archaeologists and jewelers. Purchase watches. When you no longer wear your watch, selling is probably the best option. So you can look for a new exclusive watch again. If you want to sell your watches, you have come to the right place. We buy all watches and pocket watches, old or new, working or broken, at fair prices.
Scrap Gold prices
58.74 €/g price up
24 kt oud goud 2023.05.16
52.21 €/g price up
22 kt oud goud 2023.05.16
49.49 €/g price up
21.6 kt oud goud 2023.05.16
45.57 €/g no changes
20 kt oud goud 2023.05.16
41.15 €/g price up
18 kt oud goud 2023.05.16
31.04 €/g no changes
14 kt oud goud 2023.05.16
17.59 €/g no changes
9 kt oud goud 2023.05.16
16.57 €/g no changes
8 kt oud goud 2023.05.16
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