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Cash for gold in Malmo city, Sweden. Sell ​​gold for high prices to us at Guldexperten. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, you can be sure that you will always receive a fair valuation of your gold, which is carried out by a knowledgeable and competent valuer. We always give you our highest gold price and there are never any hidden fees or price cuts. We happily accept everything from gold coins and gold bars to scrap gold and gold jewellery. Keep in mind that you can get paid extra well for designer jewelry and exclusive jewelry that can be resold. Our smart price guarantee also means that if you find another player who offers a higher price than us, we will match it. We are comparable when you want to sell gold at high prices! A valuation of gold is always completely free with us. Our professional appraisers check the purity and condition of the gold and then get back to you with an offer. There is no compulsion to sell, so you can calmly decide whether you want to sell or wait. Here at Guldexperten, you can to sell gold, watches and jewelery at good prices both in our physical store, in our e-commerce and on Tradera. Our professional appraisers have carefully checked each item so you can feel safe shopping with us. We value our customers highly and always provide professional treatment from start to finish. Buy gold and jewelery from us with absolutely no hidden fees. Historically, buying gold has always been a good investment. It does not lose value and has long had a positive price trend. Buy gold with us as a slow investment. When gold prices have risen, you sell and get a return on your investment. Gold is also a durable material that can be passed down for several generations, so it is also an investment for those you care about. Buying gold and used jewelry here at Guldexperten is easy, just as it should be. All jewelry is professionally cleaned and can be worn immediately upon receipt. You can either shop directly with us in our physical store in Malmö, in our webshop or on Tradera.
Scrap Gold prices
59.627 €/g price up
24K nypräglade tackor 2023.05.31
53.594 €/g price up
Guld 23K 2023.05.31
52.618 €/g price up
22K investeringsguld 2023.05.31
49.246 €/g price up
Guld 21K 2023.05.31
45.963 €/g price up
Guld 20K 2023.05.31
41.792 €/g price up
Guld 18K 2023.05.31
41.349 €/g price up
Tandguld 2023.05.31
32.121 €/g price up
Guld 14K 2023.05.31
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