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Cash for gold Prague. Avarrio S.r.o. can to offer the purchase of gold and silver in Prague and the wider area. We always buy gold and silver at the highest possible price and pay immediately in cash without limits. We buy everything that is made of gold, in any purity and in any quantity. It is up to you whether you sell us a gram or a kilogram of 333/1000 (8 carat) or 999/1000 (24 carat) gold. Anyone can trade with us (with gold) profitably. We buy, for example: dental gold - gold used in dentistry, e.g. dental gold crowns, bridges, investment gold - gold in the form of bars, coins or medals, gold jewelry - decorative items made of gold, such as chains, bracelets, brooches and many others , fractional gold – broken jewelery or any bullion containing gold. The whole process is very simple, fast and transparent - it takes approx. 10 minutes. The customer comes to our shop, the assistant performs the first weighing and informs the customer of the indicative purchase price. We always determine the purity of gold using spectral analysis. We melt the gold and use a spectrometer to determine the percentage of pure gold in the alloy. The spectrum analysis test, where the customer is always present in person, is quick and, above all, very accurate, and it is FREE - we protect both parties. AVARRIO SOUKENICKÁ specializes in buying gold. We will buy the gold from you at the highest possible price and pay immediately in cash and without limits. You don't have to wait for your money with us! The whole process of purchasing gold takes approx. 10 minutes and you have your gold under personal control the whole time. Exchange your old, unworn, broken or otherwise depreciated gold or silver jewelry, dental gold or any bullion containing gold or silver for 'cash'. We offer you a professional approach, purchase of gold and silver at the highest prices and immediate cash payment. Do you want to sell your gold or silver at the best possible price? Contact us or visit us directly at our office in Prague 1.
Scrap Gold prices
56.125 €/g price up
24 karátů / 999 2023.05.18
42.136 €/g price up
18 karátů / 750 2023.05.18
32.866 €/g price up
14 karátů / 585 2023.05.18
21.068 €/g price up
9 karátů / 375 2023.05.18
18.708 €/g price up
8 karátů / 333 2023.05.18
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