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Cash for gold Prague. Our goal is to offer you the best possible price for the purchase of gold so that you become our satisfied customer and your next journey to sell gold jewelry leads to us again. We subordinate all our activities to this goal. We are professionals in buying gold. How to monetize old jewelry made of precious metals? We offer you a very favorable opportunity to buy gold jewelry. So if you have gold chains, rings or earrings at home that you no longer need, bring them to our office in Prague and we will tell you the amount we can offer you for them. WE BUY: Gold rings, Gold chains, Gold bracelets, Gold anklets, Gold earrings, Gold pendants, Gold brooches, Gold watches. We will first weigh the gold jewelry (it can be damaged or just fragments) in your presence, determine the purity (percentage of gold) and give you an estimate of the purchase price. If the gold contains other components, such as inlaid glass, natural stones, pearls, zircon or diamonds, we will find out their value and weight and take this into account. Then you decide whether you agree with the purchase price and want to sell the gold jewelry. The advantage of smelting gold and measuring its purity on a spectrophotometer is the way we can also determine the possible content of other precious metals in the material with maximum accuracy. Gold jewelry usually contains about 15% silver. Since pure gold is too soft to make jewelry, the presence of other metals (nickel, zinc, copper) in the alloy is completely normal. By fusing metals, we achieve the correct hardness of gold for the production of gold jewellery. The disadvantage of melting gold is the slight loss of material weight that occurs during the formation of the ingot. This loss is caused by the burning of micro-impurities that are deposited on most gold objects already used and worn. Dental gold - gold teeth, dentures, crowns, Gold jewelry - earrings, chains, bracelets, pendants, rings, etc. Fractional gold - any bullion containing gold, depreciated jewelry. We can determine the gold content for each delivered piece of material. To determine the purity of gold, we use a standard method - detection of gold on a stone using comparative samples of gold and acid mixtures (Královka lučavka). This method is suitable for measuring common gold purity, namely 9 carat, 14 carat or 18 carat. Once we have determined the exact purity of the gold by measurement, we will sort the individual pieces (into piles according to the purity found) and weigh and value the gold according to valid and current stock exchange prices.
Scrap Gold prices
55.919 €/g price up
24 Ct (999) 2023.05.07
41.982 €/g price up
18 Ct (750) 2023.05.07
36.398 €/g price up
Zubní zlato (cca 650) 2023.05.07
32.746 €/g price up
14 Ct (585) 2023.05.07
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