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CreditAmanet buys and offers pawn loans for gold and gold jewelry. Gold is the precious metal that represents an investment to be taken into account, being known that its price is constantly increasing. It has become so popular because it is highly resistant to corrosion and the passage of time. In addition, gold is very pleasing from an aesthetic point of view and is found in many shades - yellow, white, pink. Depending on the amount of other metals it is mixed with, gold is classified in karate. We buy and offer pawn loans for gold from 8k to 24k. CreditAmanet will offer you an attractive amount depending on the characteristics of the gold or gold jewelry for which you want to obtain a mortgage loan or sell them. CreditAmanet buys and offers mortgage loans for electronics. We buy and offer pawn loans for a wide range of electronics. CreditAmanet will pay you an attractive amount in exchange for the goods for which you want to obtain a loan under the pledge regime or to sell them. The final price you can get depends on the characteristics of the good, both aesthetic and functional. We believe that luxury watches are valuable objects with personality and that is why we buy them and give them a new life. If you have a luxury watch that you want to sell or you want to get a mortgage loan, you can find attractive offers with us. We consider the clients our partners and that's why we offer them attractive prices and make sure that the services and products offered meet their requirements. You can buy luxury watches from us, just a click away. If you are nearby, we invite you to our showroom in Calea Mosilor 272, sector 2, Bucharest. The first step is to evaluate your watch. Our specialized team will analyze the watch you want to sell and make sure of its authenticity. The final price you can get depends on the characteristics of the watch, both aesthetic and functional. Thus, the price offered by CrediAmanet varies depending on its operating condition, the degree of wear and tear, but also the brand/model. If you are not sure whether the watch you will sell to us is valuable or not, we will offer you a price based on the mentioned criteria. All you have to do is bring the watch you want to sell and you receive the money immediately after the evaluation and signing of the contract.
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