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Cash for gold Bucharest, Romania. Tavex buys used gold and silver products at the best prices on the market. We only buy gold over 8 carats (purity 333). The price per gram depends on the current price of gold on the stock market. The money is paid immediately after the exact purity of the gold has been established, and this step can take up to an hour. In order for us to be able to buy your gold objects, it is mandatory to be over 18 years old, to be the legal owner of the objects, to have full rights to sell them, respectively an identity document. The final amount depends on the purity and weight of the gold. Once you've received a convenient price, come to one of our offices for Tavex experts to evaluate your products. If you want to sell investment products from the product list available on www.tavex.ro, you must present them to the Tavex offices for evaluation. If you wish to sell investment gold that is not on our list, then it will be paid at the investment gold price per gram. We will purchase other gold items after passing them through a short chemical carat determination text. You can find more information about this process in the |Purchase of products| chapter. The money will be paid in cash or transferred to your bank account. When selling gold, the customer must provide identification documents. Tavex will issue a purchase document containing the company's and customer's personal data. Payments in Tavex offices are only made in cash and for amounts up to 10,000 Romanian lei. For products exceeding this amount, payment can be made by bank transfer, and the products can be picked up from our offices. Most of the products in our online store are available. If we do not have stock, our representative will contact you to determine when the product can be delivered. As part of the international Tavex group, we have the opportunity to satisfy a wide range of customer requests, because we work with partners from all over the world.
Scrap Gold prices
55.488 €/g price up
puritate 999 - 24 carate 2023.05.13
50.813 €/g no changes
puritate 917 - 22 carate 2023.05.13
41.667 €/g price up
puritate 750 - 18 carate 2023.05.13
32.52 €/g price up
puritate 585 - 14 carate 2023.05.13
20.732 €/g no changes
puritate 375 - 9 carate 2023.05.13
18.496 €/g no changes
puritate 333 - 8 carate 2023.05.13
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