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Cash for scrap Heliopolis, Greece. Gold4More Pawnshop is one of the first companies to buy gold in Greece. Today, with a modern spectrograph, we analyze and evaluate your jewelry accurately, offering the highest prices on the market. Pawnshop. Jewelry pawn. Receive instant cash with the ability to keep your valuables in your possession. You can come to the Gold4More pawnshop and discuss with us the pledge of valuables in order to solve your temporary financial problem you are facing and find a solution that will fully meet your needs. Pawnshop of gold, Pawn of jewelry, Pawn of jewelry, Pawn of watches). We give you the possibility of direct cash through pledge (Pawn of jewelry, Pawn of jewelry, Pawn of watches) with absolute confidentiality and security. We will evaluate your valuables together and we will agree together on the amount you will receive. We will determine together the time of the pledge according to your needs. Most importantly, you can redeem your jewelry at any time during the pledge. Pawn jewellery, watches, coins and precious stones. Visit one of the Gold4More Pawn shops in the center of Athens in Syntagma or Gold4More in Ilioupoli. We check and value your valuables and agree on the amount you will receive directly from us for your pledge. We fill in the form of the official private pledge agreement (expulsion form) We list your items in detail (weight, carats, precious stones, etc.) and you are informed about your rights and obligations We record the transaction in the official state book You receive from us immediately the agreed amount of money.
Scrap Gold prices
57.5 €/g price up
24 Καράτια 2023.05.25
50.5 €/g price up
22 Καράτια 2023.05.25
40.5 €/g price up
18 Καράτια 2023.05.25
30.5 €/g price up
14 Καράτια 2023.05.25
27.5 €/g price up
12 Καράτια 2023.05.25
18.5 €/g price up
9 Καράτια 2023.05.25
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