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Cash for gold Bulgaria, Sofia city. We at West Gold & Silver have announced the purchase of the best prices for gold and silver, because we believe that you deserve to sell your gold and silver at the best prices! For large quantities over 300 g of gold or over 3,000 g of silver, the prices are with a special offer. As manufacturers of gold and silver jewelry, we have the necessary rights to buy precious metals. Our idea is to offer the best conditions, a simple and fast procedure for assessing the purity of your gold or silver. If there are stones, they are removed by our specialists and the weight of the precious metal is measured. Payment is made immediately in cash, which allows a quick completion of the transaction. We also offer online purchase (by courier) for customers who are outside Sofia or do not have the opportunity to visit us on site. Our Mission is to be at the service of our customers and to keep them satisfied. Online purchase of your gold and silver from all over Bulgaria without having to visit us on site. Buying diamonds/diamonds. We can buy your stones only if they are brilliants, diamonds: Buying jewelry with diamonds or diamonds, Buying unmounted stones, Determining the condition of the stone and the price. There are no additional fees or commissions when redeeming. West Gold & Silver was founded in 1989. by the descendant artist Vihren Rilov Iliev. Three years later, in 1992, he opened his first own store at 41 Angel Kanchev Street in the capital, in the former studio of the sculptor Rilcho Iliev. The different design and the possibility of individual execution of jewelry are unreservedly accepted by connoisseurs of jewelry art. In the year 2000, the second store of the West Gold and Silver company was opened, which is located in the central building of the National Palace of Culture, western part, ground floor, entrance A4. Currently, this store has a new address: 173 Georgi S. Rakovski Street, to adequately respond to the increased interest in the jewelry house and its works. The wide variety of gold and silver jewelry, complemented by exquisite natural and synthetic, precious and semi-precious stones, as well as their masterful execution, build the image of the company.
Scrap Gold prices
56.923 €/g price up
Злато проба 999 - 24K 2023.05.14
51.21 €/g price up
Злато проба 917 - 22К 2023.05.14
47.082 €/g price up
Злато проба 20К 2023.05.14
41.903 €/g price up
Злато проба 750 - 18К 2023.05.14
32.774 €/g price up
Злато проба 585 - 14К 2023.05.14
20.333 €/g price up
Злато проба 375 - 9К 2023.05.14
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