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Scrap gold purchase price in Denmark, Copenhagen city. Tavex offers gold prices and silver prices at the best price per. grams in Denmark. We sell and buy the best selling products in the world. We are the only ones in Denmark to partner with the biggest names in the industry. Tavex is the Nordic region's leading retailer of precious metals. We guarantee a price guarantee on the Danish market. We offer payment in cash or bank transfer. You can buy gold by cash, card or bank transfer. You can shop safely and securely with us online or physically in our store in Copenhagen H. Tavex reserves the right to test the gold in the way we deem necessary before the product is finally purchased. This could be, for example, cutting a gold bar to check its contents or weighing, measuring and listening to a coin. All objects made of gold or silver have a value. As long as we act within Danish legislation and all requirements are met, we will buy your gold & silver regardless of condition, quality and weight. We of course buy red gold and white gold. We gold & silver, even if it is not stamped. Our experience tells us that gold & silver are often worth more than what the customer expects. Tavex Danmark offers a price guarantee on the Danish market, which guarantees that you will get the highest price per gram. Older wedding rings, old chains and earrings are bought at a high price, as the gold price has been high for the last year and a half. It is no secret that there are many on the market who offer to buy gold. Our current competitors are Nyfortuna, Vitusguld, Seroguld and Nordic Gold, but we beat them on price every time. We are the gold dealer with the most experience on the Danish market. We have been operating in Denmark since 2010, and have beaten the competition since day 1. We check our competitors' prices daily, which ensures that we always beat them and that you as a customer can get the best deal. Tavex Denmark is the only company that is a certified dealer with foreign refineries and producers. All objects made of gold or silver have a value. Buy one of our investment packages and start your gold investment with confidence. At Tavex, we have made it easy for you to get started with investing in gold. With us you can buy one of our gold investment packages. The packages are tailored so that you as a customer get a better price for your purchase and at the same time get diversification in your investment.
Scrap Gold prices
55.696 €/g price up
Guld 999/24 karat 2023.05.10
51.926 €/g price up
Guld 917/22 karat (mønter) 2023.05.10
51.035 €/g price up
Guld 900/21,6 karat (mønter) 2023.05.10
47.827 €/g price up
Guld 917/22 karat 2023.05.10
45.651 €/g price up
Guld 875/21 karat 2023.05.10
42.038 €/g price up
Guld 750/18 karat 2023.05.10
32.79 €/g price up
Guld 585/14 karat 2023.05.10
21.017 €/g price up
Guld 375/9 karat 2023.05.10
18.664 €/g price up
Guld 333/8 karat 2023.05.10
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