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Gold price per gr in Belgium. Cash for gold in Antwerpen city. Sell your gold? Stop by the best buyer, Cash for Gold. We specialize in purchasing all types of gold! Sell your used and unwanted lap gold, your jewelry, your teeth gold, mining gold, and investment gold. We test and weigh the gold for you. We pay competitive prices for all your gold and give you the best price based on the daily rate. Come and visit Cash for Gold now, we know what your gold is really worth. On our website cashforgold.be you will find a table with the carat content and the price per gram and is paid at no extra cost. These are continuously changed according to the exchange rate and can differ. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about this or our services. Cash for Gold is a top buyer in the heart of Antwerp, specialized in the analysis, processing and trading of precious metals, largely focused on gold. We specialize in purchasing gold, silver, platinum, coins, jewelry and diamonds in all states and shapes at the highest price at the daily rate. Sell ​​your used and unwanted scrap silver, your jewellery, your industrial silver, investment silver and more. We test and weigh the silver for you. We pay competitive prices for all silver gold and give you the best price based on the daily exchange rate. At Gold for Cash you can sell all your investments in precious metals. We buy coins made of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We also buy your gold and silver bars for the best price, regardless of the condition. Below you will find an overview of our prices for gold and silver coins and bars. You will see a list of all bars and coins with current prices. We have over twenty years of experience in the appraisal and sourcing of broken gold, gold jewelry, and all other forms of gold. We know that selling gold is not a simple matter. With us you can be assured of expertise at the highest level when it comes to your gold jewellery. Does your gold jewel also have diamonds? We are certified by the GIA and can also estimate it perfectly for you.
Scrap Gold prices
56.5 €/g no changes
24 karaat 2023.05.29
51.71 €/g no changes
22 karaat 2023.05.29
49.37 €/g no changes
21 karaat 2023.05.29
41.11 €/g no changes
18 karaat 2023.05.29
31.42 €/g no changes
14 karaat 2023.05.29
19.55 €/g no changes
9 karaat 2023.05.29
15 €/g no changes
8 karaat 2023.05.29
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