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Gold buyer in Germany. We buy your jewelry in gold and silver. Most households hide unexpected treasures, which are ideal for buying: old gold jewelry, valuable precious metals, various objects of daily use or coins made of gold and silver. The time is ideal to take advantage of the high precious metal prices, especially the high gold price, to offer old gold jewelry for sale and to monetize other precious metals. As a reputable buying point for gold jewelry of all kinds and other precious metals, we offer comprehensive advice and fair prices for the purchase, which are based on the current daily exchange rate. In our locations, we check your jewelry for purity and fine gold content using precise techniques. From this we determine the value of your piece of jewelry, which you have intended for sale to us. We will make you an individual offer for the purchase of the gold jewelry and you then decide on the purchase. GOLDhandelshaus.de belongs to Trauringschmiede Drechsel GmbH, headquartered in Cologne. The company was founded in 2003 in Düren by Enrico Drechsel. From 2006 the company moved to the center of Cologne and from 2008 the branch network was expanded throughout Germany. Today the company has 14 of its own locations, as well as several dozen partner locations in many cities in Germany. Our focus is on high-quality diamond jewellery, wedding rings and trading in precious metals. More than 100 employees are at our customers' side and advise with a lot of heart and passion. Our service orientation runs like a red thread through the company's DNA. The findability of our stores in the inner cities, the design of our shops with a modern and inviting interior design through to the friendly advice from our trained and expert staff.
Scrap Gold prices
56.61 €/g price down
Feingold (in Barren) - 999,09 2023.05.27
50.39 €/g price down
Legierung - 900,0 2023.05.27
42.16 €/g price down
Legierung - 750,0 2023.05.27
32.7 €/g price down
Legierung - 585,0 2023.05.27
18.08 €/g price down
Legierung - 333,0 2023.05.27
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