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Scrap gold price in Germany & Cash for gold in Lindau city, Germany. Here you have the opportunity to get advice in a relaxed and discreet atmosphere. You will find our entire range of precious metals here on site and you can buy bars and coins in peace or sell your stocks to us. Do you have old gold or jewelry that you want to evaluate and sell? You can also do that on site. You can rely on fair prices that are close to the market. Our precious metal branch is located in Lindau - directly on the island - near the train station and directly at the entrance of the famous Maximilianstrasse (pedestrian zone) and can be easily reached by car and public transport (city bus or train). Lindau's history goes back to the year 200 AD. Around the year 882 AD, a St. Gallen monk wrote the document that contains the oldest reliable written record of the name Lindau. Visit us in one of our branches and bring your old gold with you. You will immediately receive a fair and realistic offer from our specialist staff. If you agree to the purchase price, you can sell your goods immediately on site if you wish. Here you can find our branches. Almost everyone has gold at home that is no longer used or even needed. Be it heirlooms or jewelry that has gone out of fashion, now is the time to turn that gold into hard cash. In addition to the conventional purchase of gold bars and gold coins, we also offer the purchase of scrap gold. Especially when selling scrap gold, it is particularly important to have your goods valued by professionals in order not to have to accept large price reductions. The term scrap gold refers to all gold products that have been processed with gold and, to put it simply, are no longer needed after a certain period of use. Whether it's old jewelry such as rings or chains or broken gold - all gold alloys fall under this term. Ophirum is a bank-independent trading company for precious metals in Germany. Our founders are commodities specialists who have already discovered the fascination of commodities for themselves and their investors in their professional past. We were aware of the benefits and strategic importance of precious metals in investing to hedge against risks early on. Based on this assessment, in connection with the then insufficient range of trustworthy precious metal dealers, Ophirum Commodity GmbH was founded in 2010. Ophirum is one of the pioneers and masterminds in the market when it comes to buying gold safely on the world wide web. In addition to the usual bars and coins made of gold and silver, we also offer products made of platinum and palladium. Our product range is constantly being adapted to the changing needs of our investors. Flexible savings plans on gold and silver as well as our gold depot and other specialized storage options are just some of the developments from our company. With numerous branch locations, we also offer you the complete on-site service. You can buy and sell your gold and silver bars at Ophirum all over Germany.
Scrap Gold prices
56.1 €/g price up
999 Goldlegierung 2023.05.09
51.44 €/g price up
916 Goldlegierung 2023.05.09
50.54 €/g price up
900 Goldlegierung 2023.05.09
42.12 €/g price up
750 Goldlegierung 2023.05.09
32.85 €/g price up
585 Goldlegierung 2023.05.09
21.06 €/g price up
375 Goldlegierung 2023.05.09
18.72 €/g price up
333 Goldlegierung 2023.05.09
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