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Price for gold per gram in Belarus, Minsk city. Our pawnshops have made available the opportunity to hand over jewelry items without subsequent redemption. 'Crediton' is a rare type of establishments engaged in such a procedure in Minsk. Unlike well-known jewelry stores, we do not offer an exchange of your jewelry with a surcharge for new ones from the showcase. Therefore, visitors appreciate us for a fair assessment of gold items and prompt delivery of money in exchange for gold. It is quick, profitable, without conflicts and delays to hand over gold to Crediton. A crystal clear deal that gives everyone what they want. The final estimate (the amount you will be given) is assigned by the pawnshop consultant after direct inspection of your jewelry. We will buy rings, earrings, chains and other gold items at a high price per gram. Our visitors know that it is profitable to hand over gold for purchase as easy as shelling pears. You can hand over household appliances to any pawnshop network in Minsk or Molodechno. You must have your passport with you. The employee checks the technical condition of the device, the equipment, and also takes into account the year of manufacture of the device when evaluating, after which he names the price. Our network has a maximum collateral assessment, as we constantly study the market and have full information about prices, so we are ready to offer up to 100% of the value of your property; We take as a pledge the widest range of equipment: from iPhone to juicer. Seriously - any digital equipment and electronics; You can leave a deposit in Crediton without a minimum period of use (according to the “one day deposit - one day interest” system) and with the possibility of unlimited renewal (pay only interest on renewal, principal is paid only on full redemption). The Crediton pawnshop network is known for its maximum collateral rating. Our experts constantly study the market and have complete information about prices, so they boldly offer up to 100% of the cost of a particular item. Our pawnshops accept a wide range of equipment as collateral: from a laptop to a mixer - offer any digital or electronic device! Pledge in Crediton has no restrictions on the period of use, i.е. They took the money for one day - they returned the interest for only one day. You can extend the loan term without restrictions and at the same time pay only interest - the principal debt is extinguished at the final redemption.
Scrap Gold prices
57.369 €/g price up
Золото 999 пробы 2023.05.20
56.891 €/g price up
Золото 950 пробы 2023.05.20
54.854 €/g price up
Золото 916 пробы 2023.05.20
53.894 €/g price up
Золото 900 пробы 2023.05.20
51.204 €/g price down
Золото 958 пробы 2023.05.20
44.912 €/g price up
Золото 750 пробы 2023.05.20
35.033 €/g price up
Золото 583 пробы 2023.05.20
35.033 €/g price up
Золото 585 пробы 2023.05.20
29.942 €/g price up
Золото 500 пробы 2023.05.20
22.456 €/g price up
Золото 375 пробы 2023.05.20
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