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Buying prices of scrap gold in Germany, Ahlen city. Are you looking for a reputable precious metal buyer with whom you can sell your precious metals (gold, scrap gold, silver, platinum, palladium, dental gold, and much more)? Gold24direct.de offers you a convenient, non-binding and free purchase of precious metals by post. You can of course also do this personally on site. Gold is used and processed in a wide variety of ways, it can be an asset or it can be used for contacts in technical devices. One of the most common and obvious uses is probably the processing into gold jewelry. Whether as rings, chains, watches, decorated with diamonds, emeralds or rubies, the variations are almost unlimited. But in many cases gold jewelry is not worn for a lifetime and also likes to gather dust in some boxes. Simply request the mailer online, fill out the precious metal cover letter and enclose it in the mailing envelope. Then send us your valuables with insured shipping. The experts at Gold24direct.de check and evaluate your jewelry, gold coins or other valuables free of charge and without obligation. Purchasing fine gold - Pure gold is referred to as fine gold with a purity of 24 carats or 999 per thousand. Since the changeover to the metric system, the specification in parts per thousand has become more common, which means that 999 out of 1000 parts of fine gold consist of pure gold. In this pure form, gold is very difficult and extremely rare to find in nature, and there are usually other metal components in the ore. Only in refineries can this be broken down into its individual components when it is melted down, so that the fine gold can be obtained in the form of gold granules. Gold coins like the Maple Leaf are made from fine gold, while the Krugerrand is 91.66% gold, so it is no longer classified as a fine gold coin. This gold content is an alloy, i.e. a mixture of gold with 8.43% copper. In contrast to fine gold, alloys can be used in a variety of ways and are also used, for example, in gold for teeth and gold jewellery.
Scrap Gold prices
58.92 €/g price up
999er Gold 2023.05.11
53.03 €/g price up
900er Gold 2023.05.11
43.74 €/g price down
750er Gold 2023.05.11
34.12 €/g price up
585er Gold 2023.05.11
21.87 €/g price up
375er Gold 2023.05.11
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