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Scrap gold prices Germany. Cash for scrap gold in Hamburg city. We see ourselves as a reliable partner for the purchase of precious metals of all kinds. Under the following menu items you can find out more about the items that you can sell via Goldankauf123.de. But even if an item should not be counted here, this does not mean that we do not buy this item too. If in doubt, always talk to our customer service. We try very hard to offer you a quick and discreet gold buying service. Goldankauf123 has been present on the market for many years and stands for the simple and secure purchase of precious metals by post. Purchase prices are based on the current stock exchange prices for the precious metals. You can sell gold via Goldankauf123.de without great effort and put you in the favor of being able to make a profit from our very attractive gold prices. Especially if you value the utmost discretion, very high gold purchase prices and quick and uncomplicated processing, then our unbeatable offer will definitely convince you. Search your household for items made of gold which you no longer need and which can be converted into cash due to the favorable purchase conditions. Sell gold online with the gold-back guarantee You don't take any risks when buying gold from us. If you are not satisfied with the purchase price offered, we will send your gold back to you as part of our gold-back guarantee. A serious transaction when selling gold and satisfied customers are very important to us! The entire process takes place via post. Various insurance classes are available to you. Of course, you can easily reach our customer service via telephone or e-mail. We know how important trust is when buying gold online. If you are satisfied with the purchase price determined for your precious metals, our accounting department will immediately arrange for payment to your bank account. You can count on fast withdrawal processing. The entire gold purchase is usually carried out within a few working days. As a customer, you can rely on our free and, above all, insured handling of your gold purchase. We offer you three shipping methods so that you can customize the gold purchase according to your taste. We have been buying gold for many years. You too can benefit from our many years of experience and the very good gold purchase prices. We recommend our customers to use the gold calculator to be able to calculate the possible purchase price independently.
Scrap Gold prices
58.37 €/g price up
999er Feingold 2023.05.15
52.31 €/g price up
900er Gold 2023.05.15
43.96 €/g price up
750er Gold 2023.05.15
34.29 €/g price up
585er Gold 2023.05.15
19.57 €/g price up
333er Gold 2023.05.15
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