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Purchase prices of gold in Germany. Cash for gold in Hildesheim city. We buy gold jewelry, silver jewelry, platinum jewelry, branded jewelry. Often at home you have a treasure trove of treasures or heirlooms whose value you are not aware of. Whether gold jewelry, silver jewelry, diamond jewelry - you can exchange all of this with us for cash. Benefit from our decades of experience in the valuation of gold jewelry. You will receive a fair offer. Visit us for a free and professional evaluation. Alternatively, you can simply use our service to sell gold by post. Our customers appreciate our seriousness, the personal atmosphere, and can rely on our expertise as well as fairness and discretion. It does not matter whether you hand in your valuables by post, by pick-up or as a cash purchase. We stand by our good name and are your reliable partner. Benefit from the current gold rate. Goldankauf-Hildesheim appraises and buys your old gold at fair prices. Would you like a serious transaction with your sale of dental gold? Then you are right with us. We offer our customers a first class service. Our experienced experts test every type of dental gold in the modern test laboratory for the exact composition of the alloys. We buy gold bars, silver bars, platinum bars, and palladium bars. Do you own gold bars and would like to exchange them for cash? You are welcome to bring your gold bars to us during opening hours or have our security transport pick them up. When determining the value, we are of course guided by current gold prices. Visit us for a free and professional evaluation. Do you have coins, maybe even heirlooms, that you would like to exchange for hard cash? Most people are not even aware of the value of some coins. It is all the more important to have a professional expert for the valuation. With us you have a reliable partner with comprehensive expertise and transparent processing. Feel free to send us your coins - whether coins made of different precious metals such as gold coins, silver coins or platinum coins - and we will make you a fair offer. Expertise and professionalism - gold purchase Hildesheim is the partner you can trust when it comes to the serious and transparent handling of trading in diamond and brilliant. We specialize in the creation of diamond certificates by an independent appraiser. Trusting processing for the security and satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We present our findings from the valuation to you, as well as the resulting non-binding offer. Benefit from our many years of experience.
Scrap Gold prices
57.58 €/g price down
999er Gold (handelsfähig) 2023.05.15
55.78 €/g price down
986er Gold 2023.05.15
51.82 €/g price down
916er Gold 2023.05.15
50.91 €/g price down
900er Gold 2023.05.15
42.43 €/g price down
750er Gold 2023.05.15
33.09 €/g price down
585er Gold 2023.05.15
18.84 €/g price down
333er Gold 2023.05.15
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