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Cash for gold Frankfurt Main city, Germany. Gold buying / Purchase prices of gold. We can to buy 9 carat scrap gold, 14 carat scrap gold, 18 carat scrap gold, 14 carat scrap gold and other types of gold, any kind of gold, old gold, gold jewelry. The price of gold is constantly changing, so those who want to sell gold need to look at the prices of gold in the market. We often check the gold price, so we can always offer a good buying prices. We buy your old gold at the best prices: gold bars and gold coins, all kinds of jewelry, purchase of red gold, yellow gold, white gold, old gold, broken gold, old gold purchases at best prices. And much more. Visit us in one of our branches and bring your old gold with you. You will immediately receive a fair and realistic offer from our specialist staff. If you are satisfied with the purchase price, you can immediately sell your goods on site if you wish. Buy gold and silver in Frankfurt am Main. The history of the city of Frankfurt tells of the development of an imperial palace into the banking metropolis of Europe. Frankfurt shines with many superlatives. The European Central Bank and all other well-known banks have their headquarters here. The city is geographically very well located and can be easily reached via many motorway connections. Although our gold branch is in the city center, it is far from the lively Zeil pedestrian zone. This gives you the opportunity to buy your precious metals in a quiet and discreet environment. The gold branch is very easy to reach both on foot and by public transport. You can buy gold and silver here in a relaxed and discreet atmosphere. Buying gold anonymously and paying cash over the counter is also possible. There are no additional costs for you when buying gold and silver over the counter. You will find all common gold coins and silver coins here and can get advice in peace. We not only offer you daily updated purchase prices but also buy-back prices for your gold bars and gold coins.
Scrap Gold prices
55.97 €/g price up
999 Goldlegierung 2023.05.10
51.32 €/g price up
916 Goldlegierung 2023.05.10
50.42 €/g price up
900 Goldlegierung 2023.05.10
42.02 €/g price up
750 Goldlegierung 2023.05.10
32.78 €/g price up
585 Goldlegierung 2023.05.10
21.01 €/g price up
375 Goldlegierung 2023.05.10
18.67 €/g price up
333 Goldlegierung 2023.05.10
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