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Cash for gold Berlin city, Germany. Old gold purchase Berlin. Gold purchase price. Are you thinking of selling your old gold? Then we offer you three options to promote your gold sales. 'Hauptstadtgold' - you can use our advice by phone Monday to Friday, as well as Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on 030 720 138 31 or via email at info@hauptstadtgold.de for a non-binding first appointment. You can also visit our shop in Berlin-Tempelhof and receive a non-binding offer on site. We offer the perfect opportunity for selling gold in Berlin, as we pay up-to-date and exchange-oriented prices. So there is a kind of price list that is open to you and with which you can calculate the prices yourself in the form of our Live Gold calculator hauptstadtgold.de Wir garantieren Ihnen einen schnellen und reibungslosen Goldankauf. Den ermittelten Betrag erhalten Sie selbstverständlich direkt vor Ort oder per Banküberweisung. As a reaction to the wishes of our customers, we expanded our service years ago with the options: home visits, valuables transport service, branch visits with appointments, and letter gold. Both business customers such as jewellers, dental practices or dental laboratories as well as private customers use our comfortable, non-binding service. Our qualified experts are flexible and regularly on the road for you in the Berlin/Potsdam region - whether at home, in the office or in the dental laboratory. Advice in your own four walls is more personal and involves less pressure. It can also be a valuable time saver in stressful everyday life. Whether private customers or business customers, our gold consultants have many years of experience in professional gold valuation and advice and are trained accordingly. Of course, it is still possible to visit us spontaneously in our branch. We buy gold jewelry, such as rings, chains, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, diamond jewelry, jewelry watches. It doesn't matter whether it's 333, 585, 750 or 999 gold. In addition, the gold jewelry can be scratched, unfashionable, incomplete or defective. Accordingly, we also buy broken gold and pay fair prices according to the current exchange rate. When selling your valuable gold, it is important that you deal with experienced and professional precious metals experts. For this reason, the customer is expected to receive fair prices. Precise analysis methods are required for this. For example, to precisely determine the fineness of gold and precious metals. Using professional methods, we analyze your alloyed pieces of jewelry or your scrap gold in detail.
Scrap Gold prices
59.41 €/g price up
999er (24 kt) 2023.05.09
54.47 €/g price up
916er (22 kt) 2023.05.09
53.52 €/g price up
900er (21 kt) 2023.05.09
44.6 €/g price up
750er (18 kt) 2023.05.09
44.6 €/g price up
Zahngold 750 2023.05.09
34.79 €/g price up
585er (14 kt) 2023.05.09
34.79 €/g price up
Zahngold 585 2023.05.09
19.8 €/g no changes
333er (8 kt) 2023.05.09
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